VAT, TAX NET INCOME, QUOTES SECURITY SOCIAL, electronic accounting, payroll and electronic invoices, activities to prevent laundry money, standard cost, electronic invoicing online.


We offer consultancy services to promote the sale of product or services, improve business process, internal control to improve controls.


Internal Audit to cover key controls under SOX 303.


Tax lawyers can assist with understanding tax law and resolve


tax liens, back taxes, tax debt recovery and relief, and IRS


compliance issues.

"We care your business and check accomplish with government requirements"

Number Phone - Lada Mexico- 55-12581050

Ecatepec de Morelos


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Who we are?

The firm are integrated by  partners and people with a great experience in areas like marketing, accounting, taxes, internal audit, internal control, marketing, sales, customers, collecting, invoicing, managment business, tax and financial planning, systems, human resources, payroll, treasury, inventories control, purchases, production planning, distribution, tax litigation, contracts, creation enterprises.


Our experience is 30 years, during these years we worked for domestic and multinational companies in sector: retail, transportation, engines automotive, food, cosmetics, foundry, aluminium, tennis shoes, rent.  

Alberto Contador